Accurate and comprehensive indoor mapping

Gandy & Roberts NavVis system enables designers to capture high-resolution 3D data of indoor spaces quickly and accurately, allowing them to create detailed digital models of buildings and structures. This can help architects to design and plan projects more effectively, as well as to identify potential issues before construction begins. The output is a great resource for renderings and presentations adding realistic context to documentation of all planning stages.. The client can remove the ceiling to look inside and see the spaces. Everything you see is accurate – from thickness of walls to the positioning of a light fitting, smoke alarm or ceiling fan or chair and desk.

Enhanced visualisation

The system’s high-resolution point clouds and panoramic images provide designers with a detailed and accurate representation of indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing designers to visualise and analyse buildings and spaces more effectively. This can help to identify design opportunities, as well as to optimise space utilisation and improve the overall functionality of a building. The scan data can be used in Revit, Archicad or other design tools for shadow diagrams and digital walkthroughs.

Improved collaboration

The digital models generated by the NavVis VLX can be easily shared and accessed by architects and other stakeholders, facilitating collaboration and communication throughout the design process. This can help to ensure that all parties are on the same page, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or errors.

Time and cost savings

Compared to traditional surveying and mapping methods, the NavVis VLX can save architects time and money by streamlining the data collection process. This means that architects can generate detailed models of buildings and structures more efficiently, without the need for manual measurement and data input.

Scan to BIM

Gandy & Roberts offers a bespoke service to produce BIM models from point cloud scan data. We create models that are fully BIM ready, incl. proper Datum setup and guidance on collaboration to mitigate coordination issues throughout a project. We understand BIM model setup is technically challenging and time-consuming, and we support our clients by using their Revit template for model setup and create the base-model to help jump-starting a project. Our expertise in managing BIM on a variety of projects allows us to support our clients beyond the initial project setup.