Accurate and up-to-date building documentation

We capture accurate and detailed 3D data of our client’s facilities, creating digital twins of the buildings. This documentation can be used to maintain and update the building over time, as well as to support building operations and facility management tasks.

Improved building management

The digital models generated by the NavVis VLX system can provide building owners with a comprehensive view of their facilities, enabling them to identify and address issues more effectively. For example, the system can be used to detect and track changes in building conditions, such as cracks or movements, making it easier to prioritise and schedule maintenance tasks.

Increased safety and security

By creating a digital twin of the building, NavVis VLX can help building owners to identify potential safety and security hazards, such as fire risks or structural weaknesses. This information can be used to develop and implement safety protocols and security measures to protect building occupants and assets.

Enhanced tenant experience

The digital models generated by NavVis VLX can be used to create immersive virtual tours of the building, providing tenants with an interactive and engaging experience. Shop fitout can be planned and pre-fabricated to a maximum level using point cloud data to reduce downtime of floor space during alterations. This can help building owners to attract and retain tenants, as well as to showcase the building’s unique features and amenities.

Managing remote facilities

NavVis VLX data provides valuable insights for maintenance experts limiting requirements to travel to remote places. Experts can review facilities remotely to guide staff on-site to undertake maintenance works.

Dilapidation reports

Point cloud scan data and the 360º Images are an invaluable resource for dilapidation reports, visualising slight movements or damages in buildings during or after construction works of adjacent properties.

Event and Exhibition Planning

The NavVis Ivion web platform offers a highly intuitive environment to visualise and navigate through your performance or exhibition spaces. Secure access to our hosted Ivion site can be provided to artists and stall holders to plan and design events better.

Foster good workmanship and get a grip on variation claims

Point clouds reveal sloppiness and deviations from best practices. Awareness of regular point cloud scans on a worksite will sharpen the focus of builders and contractors on accuracy and general workmanship. Point clouds captured at hold points can help identifying legitimacies of variation claims.