The approach pioneered by our founding partners, Jim Gandy and Clive Roberts, (now retired) is preserved in the way we operate—with an innovative, focused approach to structure, attention to detail, and simple, clear documentation.

As a specialist engineering practice, we focus on finding the right engineering solution for each individual project.


We have experience across all sectors and building types in Tasmania—from residential dwellings to tall buildings and complete industrial complexes.

Our services include:

  • Design from concept through to construction
  • Temporary works structures
  • Design & Construct
  • Value Management & Peer Reviews
  • Site Inspections


Steel structures:

  • Innovative / complex steel framing
  • Composite steel
  • FRP
  • Bridges


Concrete structures:

  • Conventionally-reinforced
  • Fibre-reinforced
  • Marine
  • Floating
  • Post-tensioned
  • Precast
  • Bridges
  • Stadia
  • Reservoirs



  • Innovative, complex roof structures
  • Mass-Timber / CLT
  • Plywood box trusses
  • Plywood floor systems
  • Laminated timber
  • Bridges