Improved accuracy

NavVis VLX captures highly accurate 3D data of internal and external space, which can help builders to accurately measure dimensions, identify potential issues, and plan construction projects more effectively.

Increased efficiency

By using NavVis VLX , builders can capture data quickly and easily, without the need for manual surveys or measurements. This can help to save time and reduce costs associated with traditional surveying methods.

Enhanced safety

NavVis VLX allows builders to capture data of indoor spaces from a safe distance, reducing the need for workers to enter hazardous areas or climb to heights to take measurements.

Improved insurance policies

Some insurance companies may offer better policies for construction projects that use advanced technologies like NavVis VLX . This is because the highly accurate data captured by the device can help to reduce the risk of errors, omissions, and accidents during the construction process.

Monitoring of construction activities

Regular scanning of construction sites allows verification of as-installed situations accurately to limit risks for downstream installations, particularly on projects with high levels of pre-fabrication. Awareness by subcontractors that scanning is used for QA will sharpen focus on accuracy and good workmanship.

Scanning at Hold-Points for Record keeping

Scanning prior backfilling, pouring concrete slabs, or prior plastering over walls provides a superior repository for record-keeping. Potentially alleviating expensive arguments over questions around workmanship.

Proving tolerances are met

Point cloud data of scanned slabs, walls and other components after stripping of formwork proves works were installed within tolerances. This will act as a very strong evidence/insurance to the builder to backup good workmanship.

LOD500 As-Built Model Deliveries

Point Cloud scanning is the only reliable way to capture accurate as-built locations of building components. NavVis VLX allows to streamline the point cloud capturing process without noticeable interruptions to construction activities.

Improved pre-fabrication

Point cloud data is millimetre accurate and allows pre-fabrication of components to connect to existing structures reliably.