Why BIM?

BIM offers multiple benefits for design and construction projects. By using a single, coherent system of computer models, BIM enables a collaborative approach to building design, embracing technologies that modernise and improve workflows. When effectively managed and implemented, BIM can bring considerable cost savings and design improvements to projects, as well as greater accuracy in estimation, and fewer errors and alterations.

BIM Consulting Services

BIM can be challenging to mandate and implement when project partners have varied understanding or focus on a project.

The many benefits of BIM are best achieved through an actively managed and coordinated approach with skilled project partners. This mitigates project risks for all stakeholders, and avoids the frustration and pitfalls that invariably result from an uncoordinated approach to using BIM.

Gandy and Roberts are experienced, independent BIM consultants. We implement BIM across a range of landmark projects in Tasmania to improve project outcomes and efficiencies, and bring practical benefits for our clients.

We offer guidance to investors, designers and builders on BIM implementation and execution strategies, and we partner with experts in the field of surveying, shop detailing and building services to offer the best possible solutions for your BIM project.

Our managed BIM service for your project

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1. Scoping & Considerations

  • Expectations of clients, project managers and other key project stakeholders
  • Existing processes to manage the project and to collaborate
  • Existing design documentation & survey information
  • Composition of the proposed or current project team incl. skill assessment

2. Proposal and negotiation

  • Draft proposal to discuss, amend and agree to by all relevant project stakeholders
  • Provide tailored BIM Delivery plan with information relevant for pricing the BIM deliverables
  • Advise client on reasonable fees and possible amendments to incorporate BIM delivery proposal into contracts
  • Propose to commission and integration of alternative or additional BIM compatible technologies to streamline delivery (e.g. PR/Visualisations, 3D In-Ground Surveying, Point Clouds, UAV Surveying etc…)

Help with finding BIM capable project partnersFollowing the project specification, our competent and motivated BIM Consulting staff will guide and support all project partners through the delivery process.

Providing below services leaves limited obstacles for all project stakeholders, and lays the foundation to succeed with BIM on your project.

3. Implementation & Delivery

  • Act as BIM Superintendent, managing the BIM deliveries of design partners and sub-contractors
  • Produce BIM delivery protocol specifying technical processes for all design parties and contractors to adhere to
  • Provide training and technical support for all parties to participate in the BIM process most efficiently
  • Setup Common Data Environment (CDE) to allow efficient sharing and access to BIM information to all relevant parties
  • Integrate all relevant design and sub-contractor models into one Master Model
  • Conduct coordination and clash reviews, and issue reports with resolution suggestions
  • Facilitate interactive Project Meetings with 3D design review capabilities
  • Support and train Builders & Contractors to use BIM for construction purposes
  • Identification and visualisation of design changes for variation management
  • Manage, review and verify the delivery of As-Built BIM models
  • Support client to integrate construction models into FM processes

Upskilling and implementation services for consultants

  • Strategic planning and execution of BIM implementation on the Autodesk Revit platform, and associated software for your company
  • Revit Template and Revit Family library set up (Arch, Struct, MEP)
  • Advice for project coordinators around the BIM set up process
  • Compliance with project BIM requirements
  • Formal technical training on Revit (Arch, Struct, MEP), Advance Steel, and Navisworks
  • On-the-job training and modelling assistance
  • Creating or updating design models to LOD300/350/400

BIM for construction

Gandy and Roberts offers project support to improve your team’s BIM skills, and enable you to adhere to BIM project requirements

  • Train construction professionals on BIM applications
  • 4D construction sequence planning
  • 5D quantification and cost planning
  • Set up project platforms to use digital models on site
  • Site set out based on model information
  • Integration of point set out/layout technology for faster and more reliable site set out
  • Verification of as-built against as-designed for QA, using Point Cloud Technology
  • Create or update design models to LOD300/350/400

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Consulting